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Profile of YUTANI Corporation

YUTANI Philosophy

Enjoy working and give customers maximum satisfaction.
Pursue customers maximum satisfaction in air tools and fastening control technology.

Corporate Slogan

Engineering leads to real talk on customer's needs.

Corporate Policy

~Criteria in doing the job~
(1) Always serve customers first
(2) Always think priority
(3) Always think rationally
(4) Always pursue the first class

Guideline for actions to accomplish corporate goals

(1) Never give up to accomplish corporate goals in any circumstances.
(2) Never satisfy present situations and keep to improve situations.
(3) Discuss based on real intention and find out real problems.
(4) Surely carry out what we decided.
(5) Always work in conformity with corporate goals and policy.
(6) Always work as a professional.
(7) Sincerely understand and meet customers’ needs.
(8) Practice to act as "the next process is your customer”
(9) Always discuss based on the facts and data.
(10) Always practice management circles of PDCA.

company profile

Address image

4-8, Saikujo-cho 5-Chome, Nara 630-8453, JAPAN

Telephone 0742-61-1815
Fax 0742-61-9257
Foundation March of 1918
Company Foundation October of 1943
President Toshimi Yutani
Capital Paid Capital \43,560,000.-(Authorized Capital \172,000,000.-)
Banks Osaka Branch of Japan Finance Corporation  Tamatsukuri Branch of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ  Senba Branch of Shoko Chukin Bank
Fiscal Year July 1 to June 30
Employees 63
Business Fields Develop and Manufacture Air Tools, Torque Control Systems, Assembly Machines, Special Tools and Machines

Impact wrenches
Impact drivers
Hydraulic pulse wrenches
Hydraulic pulse drivers
Air grinders
Air drills
Air hammers
Air motors
Air winches
Air nut runners
AC nut runners
Electric torque control systems
Assembly machines

company history

March 1918 Torakichi Yutani founded Yutani Iron Works in Minaminakahamamachi, Higashinari-ward, Osaka City and start manufacuring pneumatic(air) tools. 
October 1943 Yutani Iron Works was incorporated as Yutani Iron Works Company Limited.
March 1946 Opened Tokyo Branch, Hiroshima Branch, Oyama Branch, Kyushu Branch, Nagoya Branch and Sapporo Branch one by one.
1952 First acquired patents on impact wrenches in Japan. Acquired many patents on air tools since then.
1979 Started developing new products utilizing mechatronics technology.
1983 First developed Electronic Torque Control Wrenches(ETC Wrench Systems) in the world. 
December 1984
Head Office and factory were moved from Higasinari-ward, Osaka City to Saikujo-cho, Nara City.
December 1984 Set up Osaka Branch in Fukae-kita, Higashinari-ward, Osaka City.
July 1992 Changed company name to Yutani Corporation as a part of CI program.
August 2002 Set up Nara Branch in the Head Office in Nara City.
August 2002 Osaka Branch was incorporated into Nara Branch.
September 2002 Tokyo Branch and Oyama Branch were incorporated into Kanto Branch in Eki-minami, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture.
2004 Set up Korea Branch in Seoul, Korea.
August 2011 Yutani's project was awarded as the grant-in-aid of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.
June 2014 Yutani's project was awarded as the grant-in-aid of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.
August 2014 Yutani's project was awarded as the grant-in-aid of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.
January 2015 YUTANI's new product and technology TMW-600-M2 was awarded as the "MONODZUKURI" New Selection in Kansai 2015 by the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.